The Elaine Petrone Method

Elaine Petrone – Author of the Miracle Ball Method

Elaine’s revolutionary non-exercise method is successful in alleviating the adverse symptoms of:

  • Back pain
  • Shoulder/neck tension
  • Disc problems
  • Arthritis
  • Fatigue
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • TMJ
  • Restless Leg Syndrome
  • Migraine headaches
  • Injury/Surgery
  • Anxiety Attacks
  • Sleeplessness

Mission Statement:

The Petrone Method is an innovative approach to movement, whereby the excess tension in our muscles gets relieved, allowing our body’s own alignment system to work. By providing the tools through Elaine’s method, we are devoted as a company to empower each individual to make significant changes on their own and to reach their full potential for a healthy mind and body.