Certification Testimonials – Trainers

Jackie O’Neal – Certified  Instructor, August 2012, Levels 1-4

Attending Elaine’s training program enabled me to ‘not think’ about whether I was doing the Ball placements correctly or go find something else to do as my body was accessing it’s pain pattern which could be incredibly intense for me at times.

I also had to learn to keep it simple. From the perspective of teaching a class, listening to how Elaine conducted her classes was invaluable. I cannot emphasize this enough. I would attend another complete training just to pick up all the bits I missed that could improve my own teaching ability.

I recently conducted 5 workshops in the UK. With 15 people in each workshop with varying degrees of flexibility, limitation, injury, pain, and illness it was both challenging but also a deeply rewarding experience for me. None of them had any prior experience with the Miracle Ball Method. I learnt so much about myself as well. It was through attending Elaine’s training that I learnt a style of teaching that enabled me to handle this varied number of people with relative ease.


“What is most profound to me, I think, is the beautiful simplicity of it all, and the ease of doing the method.  Not that it is either simple or easy – it’s hard work, and it’s important work. What I mean rather is that it is unadorned and honest. My main motivation to join the certification was the desire to add another dimension to my work as a Pilates instructor. I also wanted to understand the method better for myself.“

“I was also surprised by the fundamental changes that I felt in my own body doing the work. It really feels like I have discovered something precious. I am no longer nearly so anxious about my own body issues related to injury, imbalance and overuse. I guess that that would be another area of surprise overall with the method – just how paradoxically subtle and simultaneously profound it is to apply the simple body formula.”


Margaret C. (Maggie) Wolfram – Certified Instructor 2011

The Elaine Petrone Method is profound and deep. It is as if you are accessing your internal software to reprogram yourself. By breathing, releasing and feeling your body give in to gravity, you get a new sense of how you can move and be in the world. It affects all of your everyday movements – how you walk, carry groceries, drive your car – by bringing awareness, lightness and ease to the way you move and are in the world.

By going through the instructor training with Elaine and doing the work, I gained insight into how I move my body, how I hold my breath, where the tension accumulates, how to let go and release that tension, and really feel my body. The training planted seeds of change in my body that I am seeing come to fruition in the awareness of how I move in my everyday movements – everything from cooking and preparing meals, running, weight work, yoga/Pilates, sitting at my computer and typing – with a heightened sense that the movement is integrated and coming from the whole body. Thank you so much, Elaine, for this “miraculous” method!


Linda Hedquist – Certified Instructor 2011

I would like to express my enormous gratitude to Elaine for her honesty and persistence in uncovering and being 100% true to the simple, profound truths which underly her work.

I came to her instructor training with quite a lot of experience in bodywork, yoga, and breathing and therefore what I thought was a goodly amount of appreciation for the method I had discovered in her books, DVDs and CD’s. But I have to laugh now because after experiencing the amazing immersion of the 6 day intensive I see my understanding at the beginning only scratched the surface.

The training was incredibly transformational for me. My personal practice of The Elaine Petrone Method is so much deeper now. I cannot imagine going a day without it as the exploration it has become is so endlessly delicious, fascinating and empowering.

And teaching is a joy. This program really does work and it is such a delight to help people discover it and watch them benefit.


Laura Dorr – Certified Instructor

On Monday I taught a small miracle ball class for about an hour and half and I did the work as well as taught.  On my way home I was side swiped in my vehicle by a huge truck, it even flung the side mirror into my lap.  I got out of the vehicle and the perpetrators took off but I noticed I felt good, at that moment I really noticed I was doing some deep breathing quite naturally, then the police arrived.  After all the hoopla I went home took a shower to get the glass shards out of my hair and off my body, took a dead sea salt bath went to bed and woke up the next morning feeling refreshed no sores for the wear, I have a back problem and have been in 2 other accidents with the last 60 days and cannot believe how good I feel.  I was thankful I did the ball work yesterday because I feel so gooood!


Diane Dombeck – Certified Instructor 2010

The EPM is a wonderful practice and because of the benefits that I have received over the past few years in working with the Miracle Balls, I decided to become a teacher and received my certification last June.  I wanted to increase my knowledge and understanding of the work because I knew it had the capability of helping a wide range of individuals.

The intensive training exposed me first hand to methodologies on how to structure a class; how and where to position the balls to encourage the body to let go to the weight and on a more individual level, how to begin developing my own style, or voice,  to simply and effectively relay the information.  Many times the most basic concepts are the hardest to get across. Elaine’s thoughtful insights of the work helped me to gain a deeper understanding of my body’s holding patterns which in turn has helped my practice to become more and more rewarding.  Having the support of the certification, has given me the credibility and confidence that I was looking for to begin teaching the Elaine Petrone Miracle Ball Method.

My students love it!  In one of my classes the students have a very limited range of motion and lots of tightness in the hips, shoulders and low back.  We’ve been working for a few months now on low back, hips and legs and its been pretty remarkable to see the shift in the their bodies. They tell me often that they feel more flexible and able to do more of the simple things that they had been losing touch with.  Even reaching for a cup or a glass from a higher shelf has become easier for them.  I have to laugh because when we move to the ball portion of the class, they let out a communal ahhhhhh…..


Ione Parshall – Certified Instructor 2010

I opened my own studio in October.  I have a client with osteoporosis who has broken her back twice.  I have used your method on her for two years.  She can now lie on her back, can lower her head to the mat and can place ball under pelvis with knees up.  In the other room she can complete 15 minutes of total body workout and 15 minutes of body swinging therapy.   Oh by the way she is 81 years old.


Jennie Crewdson – Certified Instructor 2010

I went to the training for the Miracle Balls with Elaine Petrone in Stamford, CT.  I was traveling from England so it was quite a way for me to go. After booking, I began to wonder if it was going to be worth all the time and expense, as the books that you get with the balls are full of clear instruction on how to use her method. I have to say that it was. Elaine’s way of teaching is very informative, she gives all that is in the book and more, she answered any questions that I had in a full and easy manner to understand. I also found the way she allowed us to take part and see how she teaches her own clients, and how she adapts the class to the needs of the group on that day, and how she observes and makes adjustments to individuals if needed, all very useful. Also giving us a chance to explore our own bodies when the method is used following her precise instructions. I do not hesitate to recommend doing the training with Elaine. I use the method to supplement the body work I already do.


Kathleen Kennard – Certified Instructor 2006

When I look back 5 years, to my trips (I took my training in two segments) to Stamford, CT to attend the Elaine Petrone Method Certification Training, I can remember how stiff and uncomfortable I was with my body. I was also in constant pain and living in dread of further deterioration.

I don’t know of anything better I could have done, to ease my pain and start a new career at the same time! I had 35 years of trauma built up in my back from a spinal fusion operation in my early 20’s and I had grown used to living with pain.

Well of course the ball method works (!) or I wouldn’t be writing this. What I want to express, is my gratitude to Elaine personally, for the individual and specialized training she gave me in the certification training. Here’s an example: When I arrived in Elaine’s “classroom” at the Tully Health Center, (which was an ongoing pain clinic class for participants who were mostly referred by their doctors) I was so sensitive and uptight (stressed out) about my back injury, that I was certain I wouldn’t be able to do most of the exercises without further injury!…so when Elaine walked over to me (I was on my mat, on the floor, doing one of the whole body moves) and slapped me on the back (maybe it was only a pat-on-the-back?!) to help position me, I freaked out (in my mind). I thought to myself – OMG!…I wonder if she’s read my bio – doesn’t she know I have had a fusion operation – did she just injure me for life – maybe she’s a quack – blah, blah, blah. When I managed to pause my internal ranting, I noticed that I was quite comfortable and relaxed – and no longer holding myself in the strained position that I had been in! Who knew!? Well the whole training was kind of like that for me – an adventure in learning about the body from a new and wonderful paradigm.

There were 6 of us trainees for certification, and I learned much from them as well! Elaine kept telling us to let go of all previous training and habits, and to learn from as innocent a place as possible. To my surprise, I was being told that I actually had the advantage – having had no formal body work training before this!

Elaine continued to surprise me in her tweaking of my application of her work (from what I had picked up in her book). It seems that I had erroneously interpreted some of the techniques and further, I was willing to put the ball in places that might not have been optimal for my specific condition. Bottom line: I learned to follow the lead of my body, not my fearful mind!

I am developing my own philosophy now, referring to the Elaine Petrone Method as the A-B-C’s of body work. It’s basic. It’s simple. It can be applied to any modality (and I think it should be!) I see the Certification training as boot camp…basic training for movement. I say this because it takes the ruthlessness of someone like Elaine to get the subtleties of these very basic, simple ways of breathing and moving into our resistant bodies and minds. Well, I didn’t plan to write so much – I just wanted to get it all out – and mostly: Thank you Elaine!