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About Elaine Petrone
Elaine Petrone developed her method of stress and pain reduction from her own experience with chronic pain. Ms. Petrone is the author of the bestselling book Miracle Ball Method, and Portable Miracle Ball Method, Workman Publishing. Her DVD Stop the Back Pain is nationally distributed by Acorn Media.

She has also written for and been featured in a variety of magazines, including Fitness, Vogue, Woman’s Day, Glamour, Redbook, Self, American Spa, Elle, Town & Country, and Harper’s Bazaar.

She has consulted Fortune 500 companies in stress and pain management as well as appeared on nationally syndicated television shows for Fox News, Lifetime, NBC and ABC news.

Elaine has taught for over 30 years. Her method was part of a research program at Mount Vernon Hospital in New York for low back pain and upper body pain. She has given in-services to doctors and physical therapists at Mount Vernon Hospital, and Stamford Hospital in Stamford CT.

She has taught in the areas of rehab, post-op recovery, prenatal and post-partum, anxiety disorders, and rheumatoid arthritis to name a few of the conditions. She has trained doctors and physical therapists that use this with their patients. Elaine has developed a national certification program for instructors, which is held at the Stamford Hospital in Connecticut. She has toured across the country and lectured on these subjects extensively.

She can be reached at elaine@elainepetrone.com.

About the Method
EPM trains your nervous system whereas most exercise programs focus on moving your muscles. EPM believes that in order to get the muscles to move easily without pain, the secret lies in training the brain to regain feeling in key parts of the body. A Body Dialogue is emphasized. This reciprocal communication of body to brain gives us the potential to experience movement integrating all parts of the body. Stress is then lifted from chronic pain areas of your body. Common areas of pain are low back, hips, shoulders, neck just to name a few.

EPM is not a traditional exercise program. Most of the directions are the complete opposite. Where exercise is designed to build your muscle tone, EPM is designed to reduce excess tension in your muscles. Excess tension can be the result of accidents, daily stress, or misalignment issues like scoliosis, or poor posture. Once this excess muscle tension is relieved you will find you have more freedom of movement and improved circulation. Your muscles become more supple. You will sense more parts of your body. Breathing improves. Feeling this allows your bodies innate sense of balance to realign you.

I had thought if I worked harder my pain would go away. I discovered that by overworking my body incorrectly I was more vulnerable to increased pain and injury.

You can’t move what you don’t feel.

The Equipment!

Some of the tools used in EPM are balls, poles, stools, posture pins. They will help to ease the “holding” in the muscles of chronically stiff areas. They do this by bringing awareness to parts of your body.

When you use the equipment you don’t have to “do” anything. The ball for example helps you to feel, especially the part that is resting on it.

Most of us don’t connect the way we habitually move our body significantly impacts stress, sleeplessness, anxiety, low back ache, and so many of the variety of every day ailments most of us experience. These habits are sometimes unnoticeable until we have pain. It is essential at that point to start making the connection. It is that connection that then allows us to release.

The directions for EPM will include words like:
Response Time

Most of the time people will run past these words and ask “But what do I do?”

We are letting go, allowing time for the breath to get into our muscles, letting our bodies natural alignment system work, taking pressure off pinched nerves and aching backs., We resist less and allow our bodies to do the work for us.

It wasn’t natural for me in the beginning. But the benefits were so good that gradually I learned how to make the process easier. Don’t feel this will be a struggle and if you are not relaxed you cannot do it. It is the opposite. If you follow the simple instructions you will begin this process. You may feel better much quicker than you realized.

So whether you come to this site simply to relieve pain or to experience something different, don’t fix your body just feel it.

Whole Body Moves!

When you are ready you will explore movement thru Whole Body Moves. It has been described as stretching without stretching. Just like any part of the method you will be using gravity,the weight of your own body and breathing. You are now allowing your body to do all movements with ease, gaining confidence.

Students report they sleep better, have more energy, less fatigue and improvements in anxiety and depression.

EPM can be applied to your exercise program, art, dance, housework, whatever you do will be affected.